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Biographical Sketches

Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana: Interview on Canada's Vision T.V., By STAFF, Vision T.V., May 9, 2007
Gobind Thukral: "Mainstream Indian Press is Controlled by Big Houses", By JAGPAL S. TIWANA, The Sikh Times, Apr. 1, 2007
Doris Jakobsh: "Japji Captures the Heart of God", By JAGPAL SINGH TIWANA, The Sikh Times, Nov. 13, 2006
Gurdip Singh Grewal: Passionate Thinker, By HARBANS LAL, The Sikh Times, Apr. 25, 2006
Buta Singh: End of the Road, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Feb. 11, 2006
Manmohan Singh: Architect of the New India, By MARK TULLY, I.A.N.S., Nov. 14, 2005
Amrita Pritam: Queen of Punjabi Literature, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Nov. 12, 2005
Mohan Singh Oberoi: From Homeless to Hotelier, By MOHAN SINGH OBEROI, Rediff, Oct. 21, 2005
Rabbi Shergill: Unclassifiable, By JOE ATHIALY, Chowk, Oct. 3, 2005
Thakur Singh: Under Jarnail's Shadow, By VARINDER WALIA, The Tribune, Dec. 24, 2004
Maher Arar: Time's Canadian Newsmaker of 2004, By STAFF, C.T.V. News, Dec. 19, 2004
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: The Great Synthesizer of Ideas, By N. GERALD BARRIER, Sikh-Diaspora (Yahoo! Groups), Dec. 14, 2004
Harbhajan Singh Puri: A Yogi's Journey, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Hindustan Times, Dec. 11, 2004
Vijay Singh: Swing of Confidence, By JASON COWLEY, The Observer, Nov. 28, 2004
Kahn Singh Nabha: Pioneer, Scholar and Intellectual, By ROOPINDER SINGH, The Sunday Tribune, Nov. 21, 2004
Kulvir Singh Barapind: "Soldier" or Non-Violent Activist?, By EMILY BAZAR, The Sacramento Bee, Oct. 10, 2004
Yogi Bhajan: "Boss" of Worlds Spiritual and Capitalistic, By DOUGLAS MARTIN, The New York Times, Oct. 9, 2004
Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana: An Adi Granth Purist, By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA, The Sikh Times, Jul. 10, 2004
Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale: Five Myths, By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA, The Sikh Times, Jun. 6, 2004
Jagjit Singh Chauhan: "Khalistan Will Be Formed by 2007", By M.K. TAYAL, Mid-Day, Jun. 6, 2004
Fauja Singh: "I Run While Talking to God", By VIJAY RANA, The Indian Express, Apr. 19, 2004
Gurcharan Singh Tohra: "He Could've Been Uncrowned King", By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Apr. 17, 2004
Sheikh Yassin: "Head of the Snake", By ROBERT FISK, Z Magazine, Mar. 24, 2004
Padamjit Singh: A Living Legend at P.S.E.B., By SARBJIT DHALIWAL, The Tribune, Nov. 25, 2003
Taslima Nasrin: "Are These Stones Not Striking You?", By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA, The Sikh Times, Nov. 13, 2003
Colin Gonsalves: India's Pioneer of Public Interest Law, By NORA BOUSTANY, The Washington Post, Oct. 24, 2003
Chirinjeev Kathuria: Too Good to be True?, By RICK PEARSON, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 12, 2003
Ernest Trumpp: A Controversial Pioneer, By NORMAN GERALD BARRIER, Sikh-Diaspora (Yahoo! Groups), Oct. 3, 2003
W.H. McLeod: A Pioneer in Sikh Studies, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Sep. 27, 2003
Edward Said: Father of Post-Colonial Studies, By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, The New York Times, Sep. 25, 2003
Master Tara Singh: India Finally Pays Tribute, By TARLOCHAN SINGH, The Tribune, Aug. 21, 2003
Jagjit Singh: Survivor Par Extraordinaire, By PRIYANKA DASGUPTA, The Times of India, Aug. 3, 2003
Dya Singh: "Our Culture Must Evolve", By GURMUKH SINGH, The Sikh Times (U.K.), Jul. 31, 2003
Martin Sheen: "These Are Very Dysfunctional Times", By DAVID KUPFER, The Progressive, Jul. 1, 2003
Anand Patwardhan: "Tackling Hatred Against Minorities Is My Primary Goal", By STAFF, Sundance Channel, Jul. 1, 2003
Chirinjeev Kathuria: "If You Fail, Learn From It", By STAFF, The Illinois Leader, Jun. 9, 2003
Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale: Unclear Legacy, EDITORIAL, The Indian Express, Jun. 9, 2003
Eric Rudolph: America's Terrorist, North Carolina's Folk Hero, By JEFFREY GETTLEMAN, The New York Times, Jun. 3, 2003
Gurcharan Das: Religion and Politics Must Be Kept Separate, By GURCHARAN DAS, The Times of India, May 18, 2003
Dya Singh: Not 'Profiteering' From Kirtan, By QUENTIN EYERS, AmericanSikhs (Yahoo! Groups), May 11, 2003
Joginder Singh Vedanti: The Man and the Office, By I.J. (INDER JIT) SINGH,, May 9, 2003
Dya Singh: The Larrikin Pied Piper From Oz, By SHYRONE KAUR SINGH, Sikh Spectrum, May 1, 2003
Khushwant Singh: "The Saffron Tide Is Rising", By HUMRA QURAISHI, The Indian Express, Apr. 16, 2003
Bill Moyers: "We Are in a Very Disturbing Period. I've Never Seen Anything Like It.", By ANDREW O'HEHIR, Salon, Apr. 7, 2003
Jeevan Singh Deol: A Budding Historian, By NICHOLAS KEUNG, The Toronto Star, Mar. 30, 2003
Roger Ebert: "The Right Really Wants to Punish You For Having an Opinion", By MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD, Progressive Radio, Mar. 30, 2003
Gurinder Chadha: Bender of Rules, By B. RUBY RICH, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Mar. 26, 2003
Rabinder Singh, Q.C.: Britain's First Turbaned High Court Judge, By CLARE DYER, The Guardian, Mar. 24, 2003
Khushwant Singh: A Sensible Human Being, By NORMAN GERALD (JERRY) BARRIER, Sikh-Diaspora (Yahoo! Groups), Mar. 17, 2003
Tarlochan Singh: A Chequered Career, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Hindustan Times, Mar. 1, 2003
Khushwant Singh: "Japji Sahib is Based on the Upanishads", By JAGPAL SINGH TIWANA, The Sikh Times, Feb. 15, 2003
Inderjit Singh Reyat: Explosive Devotion!, By ROBERT MATAS, The Globe and Mail, Feb. 11, 2003
Rosa Parks: Happy Birthday!, By ILENA ROSENTHAL, Women's Enews, Feb. 4, 2003
Bhagat Singh: An American Perspective, By ANGELA HAMON, The Sikh Times, Feb. 1, 2003
Reverend Bhogal: A Follower of Jesus Christ With Roots in the Sikh Faith, By TARA HOLMES, The Times, Jan. 4, 2003
Reuben Singh: Multi-Millionaire or Multi-Fraudulent?, By STAFF, Financial Mail, Dec. 15, 2002
Preetam Singh: Bhapaji of the Punjabi Literary World, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Dec. 14, 2002
Trent Lott: Still Whistling Dixie After All This Time, By HOWARD MANLY, The Boston Herald, Dec. 13, 2002
Kanwal Rekhi: Fomer Novell C.T.O. Takes Helm At Ensim, By MATT MARSHALL, The Mercury News, Dec. 6, 2002
Paul Wellstone (1944 - 2002): A True Progressive, By MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD, The Progressive, Oct. 25, 2002
Bal Thackeray: India's #1 Teflon Muslim Basher, By MANOJ MITTA, The Indian Express, Oct. 17, 2002
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: Would the Real Gandhi Please Stand Up?, By G.B. SINGH, African Americans for Humanism Examiner, Sep. 1, 2002
W. Hew McLeod: Historian of a Living Faith, By RUKUN ADVANI, The Telegraph, Jul. 17, 2002
W. Hew McLeod: A Popular Red Herring, By I.J. (INDER JIT) SINGH,, Jun. 26, 2002
W. Hew McLeod: Taller Than Macauliffe, By T. SHER SINGH,, Jun. 18, 2002
W. Hew McLeod: Not the Enemy, By NORMAN GERALD (JERRY) BARRIER,, Jun. 9, 2002
Rajneesh Chandra Mohan: The Man and His Movement, By B.A. ROBINSON,, Sep. 26, 2001
Chand Joshi: A Promise Unfulfilled, By KHUSHWANT SINGH, The Tribune, Feb. 5, 2000
Fred Korematsu: Once a Fugitive, Now a Hero, By BERT ELJERA, AsianWeek, Jan. 15, 1998
Piara Singh Sambhi: From Giani to Scholar, By W. OWEN COLE, The Sikh Review, Feb. 1, 1993
Indira Gandhi: Death in the Garden, By WILLIAM E. SMITH, Time, Nov. 12, 1984
Harbhajan Yogi: 3H.O. Leader Inspires Devotion and Hostility, By STAFF, Time, Sep. 5, 1977